Patricia and Rick Ayling


Name Patricia Ayling
Phone 405-463-6760
Address 5629 North Classen Blvd
City Oklahoma City OK 73118
Country USA


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Patricia Ayling has been in sales and sales management for over 15 years and has sold a variety of different products or services that she has been extremely passionate about, one of those being computer training. What a rush to sell a service so desperately needed just as PCs became mainstream! But in 2003 she found her true niche and began selling real estate. Originally part of the Pete Reeser Team  at Keller Williams Edmond, she recently moved to the Keller Williams Northwest office to be more centrally located.


 When asked what type of clients she prefers to work with Patricia said,

“I’ve been fortunate to sell a number of high end houses, many of those in Edmond , but one of my favorite types of client is a first time buyer. What great reward it is to guide a client through one of the largest financial transactions they will ever make.  Aditionally, I have a great love for the timeless beauty of the architecture that was popular in the early days of our statehood so I’m thrilled any time I get to sell a historic home."

 Whether looking for a larger home in the Deer Creek/Edmond area, that very first home or a palace of yesteryear, Patricia is ready to help you fulfill your dream.


If you or someone you know would appreciate the level of service Patricia provides please call her with their name and number. She would be happy to follow up with them and take great care of them.